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Why Choose

DRD Creative Consulting?


The SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE you will have access to via DRD Creative Consulting has been developed through education and experience, expert partnerships, and a variety of resources tailor made to produce successful solutions to each participants needs. 


UNLIMITED SIGHT into the hidden vision of each project or service is a major advantage to working with DRD Creative Consulting. People often get stuck mid stream while developing their project. A quick look at the project from a different angle will often get the creator motivated and producing again in a very short time.


EMPOWERING DIALOGUE - through probing questions DRD Creative Consulting will inspire clients to think out of the box and consider what they might not have thought about until provoked. These empowering conversations will often nudge the client toward answering their own questions.


A major point of comfort for clients working with DRD Creative Consulting is the power of FLEXIBILITY. Making progress without rigid processes is a part of the creative path to success. The freedom to pivot and shift without compromising the values that the organization is built upon is an added benefit of the creative consulting approach.


The RELATIONSHIP with DRD Creative Consulting is based on transformation in stead of transaction. Client / consultant relationships often end when a solution is achieved. DRD Creative Consulting views the client as an ongoing partnership, enjoying an exchange of information and resources until transformation is achieved and beyond. 


RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS is the greatest answer to why choose DRD Creative Consulting. Creativity gets results. There are no boundaries or limits. Mastering the creative control of any program, project, or service will always yield beyond expected results.

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