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According to Rick Daniels An Amazing 2019 will Start with these 3 Words...

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

There are very few people who want the new year to look like the old year. It's been said, if you want a different result, you have to do something different. In this post let's consider three very powerful words to launch and lead your 2019 toward your best success.

Words Have Power - Pass The Power On

Moving toward the close of 2018 I began sharing my thoughts about next level leadership. The intention was to begin preparing the hearts of leaders for many of the challenges they could expect in the future as they set out to be effective leaders. For some, there seems to be a blur between management and true leadership.

The influential leaders of the future will have to abandon the mechanical tools that have worked in the past in exchange for intentional creative vision that will set new direction. Followers must be motivated by solutions they can see. Empowerment must be just as important as inspiration. Acceleration strategies will need to be developed to go farther faster, toward ultimate achievement.

The power of a leaders creative ability will increase their capacity to Invent New Behaviors for their sphere of influence. Taking a deep dive into the reality of all things new (2 cor. 5.17) and placing a demand on that creative anointing will active a word of knowledge for alternative being

and doing. 2019 can be the year that really makes a difference but only if leaders start the year by leading change.



Life, religion, habits, routine, etc., all put our sense of adventure at risk. 2019 will be a year of unfoldment. New things will show up in new places. Without a sense of adventure or at the very least curiosity, leaders will be surrounded by powerful exciting change without being motivated to explore or engage.

Be intentional to wake up your sense of adventure. Make it a part of your determination to make 2019 different from any other year. Break the boredom in your life by doing something that you have not done with people you have not connected with.


As with adventure, experimentation is an activity that if not intentionally pursued will be robbed from you by everyday life, stuff, and time, or the lack thereof. Ask yourself the question; how often do you really take time to experiment with something different that you have not experienced before?

Where some people have an advantage by working in an industry where constant learning and experimenting is encouraged, most are limited to a daily routine. By the end of the day there is neither time or energy to pursue a new experiment.

It's time to make experimentation your personal project. Think of something that will be exclusive to you, like your private personal mission. Experimentation is not driven by results, not restricted to time, not confirmed by others. Experiment for the singular joy of discovery.


When I first relocated to Miami I felt like I was on a different planet. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, raised in New Castle, Pa., migrated to Charleston, S.C. and finally settled in Milwaukee, WI. MIAMI was a beast of a city compared to anywhere I had lived. For the first three years here I was in super discovery mode. I wanted to see every part of the ginormous South Florida region. It wasn't long before I realized how much I did not know about the world. Yet, I was up for the lessons. Let the discovery begin.

The empowering element of discovery is fascinating. What you discover dose not have to be new to the world. It is still an authentic discovery if it is new to you. There is an element of ownership to anything that you discover for yourself. What you discover you own. What you own shapes your identity. What you identify with influences your destiny.

Launch into 2019 determined to discover something new and exciting. Let curiosity lead you to know the unknown. Something has been calling you somewhere for some time. Answer the call, follow the path and discover. What you have been looking for has been waiting for you to DISCOVER!

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