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Dr. Rick Daniels has over twenty years of experience with management consultant relations. Entrepreneurship, conventional business, nonprofit sector or ministry. In board rooms, back rooms, church offices, anywhere complex decisions are being made.  Dr. Daniels has been there impacting the future of leaders located in the US and abroad.


Not a solo act, Dr. Daniels has learned the power of collaboration accessing expertise through partner professionals who join him in implementing strategies that deliver exponential growth and impacting results.


THE KINGDOM GROUP (TKG) is best described as a strategically organized collection of professionals who act as opportunity curators.


TKG will develop creative ways to connect people to best fit opportunities, offering best practice support to drive them to their best success.


TKG evolves and expands on demand. The Kingdom Group community of professionals are committed to supporting DRD Creative Consulting whenever needed to ensure clients receive the greatest advantage in attaining their outcomes and goals.  

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